Our Company

The Iconic®, a group of tech enthusiast in New York City, collaborating with talented designers, engineers and world class supply chains, manufacturing innovative consumer electronics power charging accessories like battery cases and wireless charging solutions, providing our fans an enhanced mobile life and becoming your smart companion On-The-Go.


Empowered by the engineering team from GE, Huawei and IDT, we dedicated to provide our customer the best products possible and define the leading innovative features for our community ahead of the industrial trend. We want our fans can enjoy the most bold technical creatives ahead of your peers while other brands are still struggling on cost and profitability.


We hear what our fans says and take actions beyond. Our social media channels learn what people says 7/24. Our leading manufacturers ensuring us response to customer demands blazing fast and upgrade our product every couple of months. We are here to build an US trusted brand with world class customer care and experience. Join our pilot club to enjoy the free enhanced gadgets, together, we will build a bold and smart digital lifestyle.